Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ignorant Criminals Destroy Minneapolis History!!! Nicole Curtis Attempts Heroic Preservation.

A 133 year old home on PARK AVENUE in Minneapolis, was maliciously destroyed today. This historic house was built BEFORE ELECTRICITY! All the woodwork was handcrafted by incredibly skilled builders, before your grandfather was born! To put it in perspective, this house was built before the STONE ARCH BRIDGE was completed!
Speculators with no regard for our city, history, or proper logical procedure, were allowed by corrupt bureaucrats, to demolish it. Even if they valued the empty lot more the the structure, it could have been deconstructed and a wealth of rare materials gained.
A restoration hero called Nicole Curtis, attempted to prevent this criminal activity before, and during it's realization. She not only offered to buy it, move it, pay everyones salaries, whatever it took to SAVE IT, BUT she also spoke truth to these idiots, and leaped into action. Going as far as she could, standing on the porch, while the bastard in the bulldozer endangered her life. This is an assault on the soul of Minneapolis by uncreative, inflexible, power tripping fascists.

You can support Nicole by following her DIY Network Show on Facebook.

Curtis said she had offered to buy the house and move it to another vacant parcel on Park Avenue South. Those plans were apparently moving forward as late as Tuesday when she and her supporters learned that a demolition crew was on its way. Asked why the deal with owner Robert Anderson fell through, Curtis said she didn’t know.
“I have offered crazy money for this,” Curtis said. “This house was a shining example of old world architecture here in Minneapolis. It was just boarded. That was its only crime.
Owner Robert Anderson could not be reached for comment

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