Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lowry Tunnel Death. Semi-Truck Crash /Traffic Nightmare.

A semi-truck crashed around 6:40 a.m. Wednesday and overturned while entering the Lowry Tunnel. The Lowry Tunnel is Interstate 94 in Minneapolis. The driver was trapped beneath the wreckage and died at the scene.

After crashing in the westbound lanes, the trailer detached and jumped the median, blocking eastbound traffic and wedging a car beneath the trailer in the eastbound lane! Traffic is backed up for miles in both directions.


Ethan said...

As simple a trash truck as it is, it is pretty scary. But for it to happen in a tunnel... it's just like the ones you watch in action movies. But unlike what we watch in theaters or on bluray, it's not fun 'coz it endangers life. Not to mention the unwanted traffic problems it causes.

Ethan Rehman

Alecia said...

You are such a forgiving driver. I wonder if he really paid your car repairs. You might say that I am a bit unforgiving but if that happened to me, I might consider asking assistance from a personal injury lawyer. That way, I can assess how much damage it caused me, and make sure that the liable party will cover the repairs for it. Sometimes, rude drivers need some lesson too!

Alecia Longsworth