Thursday, October 17, 2013

Partial Building Collapse In Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Authorities are on the scene of a partial building collapse in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis Police Department reports that part of the building at 616 5th St. N. collapsed around 10:49 a.m. Thursday. Police are assisting but the Minneapolis Fire Department is taking the lead on the incident. 

All employees are accounted for and no one was injured. The building is a two-story business called Weather-Rite LLC and according to its website, “is best known for high quality, industrial grade, premium featured commercial and industrial HVAC systems, including make up air (MUA), custom air handlers, large air volume heating and cooling air turnover units.”

 Multiple agencies are on the scene.

I'm not placing blame or exposing a cause, but just saying that location is RIPE for development. The building currently there, is supper shitty. Now they can demolish it and build something with a little more height and start working the whole strip of land to the North West. Logically, you'd think they'd want it full of new condos, like the area directly across the freeway.

You call it a mysterious building collapse, with causes under investigation. I'll call it a shady ground breaking on the new development district, just blocks from the Light-Rail Transit and the Twins Ballpark.

UPDATE: Oh, as I see from further reading, the lot next door was being demolished and excavated when this "Accident" happened. So it's more of a case of whoopsy daisy! Two birds with one backhoe! But I was right on the money, that this area is being "developed". PEACE.

Editorial comments follow.

"The collapse was reported around 10:51 a.m. Thursday at the Weather Rite building.
Fire officials tell there was construction nearby, but it’s unclear if that is directly related to the collapse.  **EDITORS NOTE: Why would that be "unclear". I can see from the photos that it was related**
A portion of the eastern wall that is about 30-40 feet in length collapsed. The building was occupied at the time, but no injuries have been reported, fire officials say. A city engineer is on the scene checking the structural integrity of the building. The incident is under investigation"

"Assistant Chief Cherie Penn says firefighters responded to the call shortly before 11 a.m. Thursday.
 Penn says no construction workers and no firefighters were hurt, and the fire department has already cleared the scene and turned it over to officials with the city's regulatory services department. She says construction work has been halted for the day. She says the cause of the partial collapse was not immediately known, and she didn't have details about the extent of the damage or about the construction project."  Editors note: Oh yeah, we don't know what caused this or what's going on with this construction project, but all clear.. Here ya go City Regs, we'll toss this one back to you... Funny.

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