Sunday, June 23, 2013

SEVERE MORNING WINDSTORM Causes Damage Across State. 505,000 Without Power!

UPDATE: Here is a link to an in depth review of this weather event. Looks like the National Weather Service was doing deep research.
A powerful line of storms rolled through Minneapolis at 5:50am this morning, knocking down mature trees onto cars and roadways, just as the sun was rising. Localized flooding was also a problem. Wind gusts were measured as high as 65 miles per hour ahead of the storm. This 2 days after a morning storm June 21st packed winds of 80 miles an hour, causing widespread power outages.
The line which hit Minneapolis area was part of a larger system, extending many states south and north into Canada.
At it's peak, over half a million people were without power.

Video at Star Tribune

Aftermath of the June 21st morning windstorm:

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