Wednesday, May 16, 2012

North Minneapolis Tornado Path Visible in Google Earth Imagery Update!!

I opened my Google Earth tonight, and am possibly the first to notice a fresh imagery update has just been published for Minneapolis. To my surprise, you can make out THE PATH OF THE TORNADO! A scuff mark across the north-side is unmistakable. And within the scuff zone, you can see many homes with blue tarp roofs. From Wirth Park, through Wilard-Hay, Jordan, Fowell, Weber-Camden, you can see the tornadoes path because the trees were destroyed and the foliage is less dense. On average, the tornado path appears to be 4 blocks wide, traveling diagonally to the north-east.

A few buildings are seen destroyed. Notable among them, the Broadway Liquor Store, which was recently torn down.
UPDATE: Google MAPS has new imagery too, showing even more dramatic views. HUNDREDS of blue tarp roofs and missing trees. Dumpsters parked in yards for clean up. Pan around the map below, or click it's link to view larger.

^West Broadway Liquor Store

Compared to what was previously available, the new imagery is stunning. In addition to the tornado damage, you can see new construction which was not depicted until now. The new Lowry Bridge, The Twins Stadium, Gophers Stadium. I'm sure I'll be exploring all night. I recommend you open up Google Earth and take a look!

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