Sunday, April 15, 2012

Minneapolis looks to restore Nicollet Avenue!

A great idea! But we will have to demolish a KMART first.
In the Mayors recent State of the City address, he dropped a major coment which hinted at a future development to restore Nicollet Ave to it's pre 1977 glory.
Story at Star Tribue

In 1978 a very horrible social engineering development was achieved. It blocked people from conveniently traveling to the heart of downtown via lake street, forcing them onto the newish i35w freeway... except the on-ramps for i35w are seemingly hidden off random streets (35th street).. It was effective at stopping traffic from flowing through what arguably looks like it was the HEART ARTERY of the city. Lake to Nicollet. This physical obstacle is worse then the new political ward boundaries!

The plan also includes bringing back street cars to Nicollet Avenue. They would ride again from 48th Street South, through downtown Nicollet Mall and end at Central Avenue near Columbia Heights.

When the hellish KMART idea was hatched, the community wanted it not. There is a great mural on the back of it depicting the fight against the corporate fascist powers which then dominated the neighborhood.
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Old Master Plan

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