Monday, November 22, 2010

New media content for Stevens Square Center for the Arts.

I felt like contributing a new building model for a Minneapolis arts institution, the Stevens Square Center for the Arts.

After doing the exterior, Clarence and I went to see the exhibition. It was closing, so this is the last documentation done for the show "Off Center".
I think it turned out great. I like doing synths of art shows. It's always funny how I get false registrations from the gallery postcards due to the art reproductions. See if you can find the guest book and postcard as you explore.

Artists in this exhibition include:
Amber Janey
Edie Overturf
Kurt Hippauf
Matt Wells
Erik Farseth
J. M. Culver
Faye Buffington-Howell
Terrance Davis
Jesse Green
Will Dinski
Don Loegering
Barb Saunders
Joy Kim
Jon Raether

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