Friday, January 28, 2011

Amazing design proposals for Minneapolis River Front.

Minneapolis was treated to a look at possible futures last night at the Walker Art Center, as 4 teams of urban landscape designers presented their proposals.
They had each been paid $30,000 to compete against each other. For almost 3 hours the teams basically walked the audience through their PDF files. You can head over to and download the proposals for yourself. You can also see videos there.

For as innovative, imaginative and down right cool as these proposals are, there are things to love and things not so desirable in each one. It would be great if the public could pick and choose elements from each one, instead of "choosing the winner". And frankly that is supposed to be decided today (and by who?) not really giving citizens much time at all to consider each proposed development.

I hope to create some GoogleEarth content from these PDF files, so please bookmark this page and visit again later. :)

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