Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Blizzard for MPLS! Just when we thought it was over.

Here we go again. Just a few days ago 55 degree weather had melted most of the snow and tricked us into faux spring fever. But last night we got almost another FOOT of snow dumped on us in Minneapolis. Well I had fun walking Nicolette Mall in some of the heaviest flurries. I even got the Weather Channel reporter girl to smile at me :)

As monday morning dawns, we will probably find people stuck in ditches, having not endured last nights trecherious drives.

This Winter's Snowfall Totals and Rankings

As of 12:00am on February 21st, this winter season is guaranteed to be at least the 11th snowiest on record in the Twin Cities. The current seasonal snowfall total stands at an impressive 72.9 inches, a whopping 33.0 inches above the normal value of 39.9 inches through February 20th. The average seasonal snowfall in the Twin Cities is 55.9 inches. The following graphs were both updated shortly after midnight on February 21st.

Yellow = RECORD
Red = 2010 / 2011

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