Saturday, March 19, 2011

Massive Minneapolis Gas Explosion Sends Flames 10 Stories High!

A massive unexpected fire erupted out of a 20 inch gas main, Thursday morning at 8:30am. It was visible more then 4 miles away!

The explosion on 60th Street just east of Nicollet Avenue, forced the evacuation of nearby buildings – including a church, child care facility, and a school and homes — but no injuries have been reported.
In a statement released Thursday morning, Houston-based CenterPoint Energy said it has crews on site and is investigating, but the cause of the explosion isn’t yet known.
As a precaution, CenterPoint noted, emergency responders shut down Highway 62 and Interstate 35W.
“It was a small explosion and then just a big ‘woomph,’” Solem said. “The flames shot a good eight stories tall, instantly. We were two blocks away and you could feel the heat instantly on your face.”


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