Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Ave Voted Best Rock Club in Nation!

A group of 40 touring musicians have voted Minneapolis's FIRST AVENUE as the best rock club in America.
Interesting, I was just thinking about First Ave yesterday... I was watching a documentary about devil worship in the music industry. I recalled being a silly punk rock teenager, myself. Flashing the Satan horns of rock and roll out on First Aves black and white Masonic checker board floor. 
I'm glad I never had to sell my soul to see all the amazing shows I saw there. Sonic Youth, Veruca Salt, Hole, Jesus Lizard, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foo Fighters, Mike Watt, Sleater Kinney, The Flaming Lips, MAN I've seen some great shows there! I have a box of ticket stubs somewhere...  Anyhow, congratulations First Avenue!
Looks like it's way overdue for someone to create a better, high resolution GE model. I'll get on it!

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