Monday, October 10, 2011

Coming Soon to Google Earth. Northeast Minneapolis Preview..

In recent days I have been recruited by Fitz66, a prolific 3d model maker, to help continue the construction of Google Earth buildings in Northeast Minneapolis. He has started an Arts District Collection (found here).

I'd previously built most all of the models for the Galleries on 13th Ave. 331 Club, Modern Cafe, Ritz Theater, Atrujillo, Grain Belt Bottling House Offices... Noreast Bank, Elsie's, The McDonald's and the Super America at Broadway & University, Modern Roadways, the 1029 Bar and the Yacth Club Bar, Uncle Frankies Hotdogs.. I'd built the Waterbury Building and the old Minneapolis Public School Board Building, as well as the whole raised intersection of Central Ave and Broadway!
It's a fair hobby. I enjoy it. Northeast Minneapolis is looking pretty good as it fills in.

Other notable contributions have been made by "AdamD" and Fitz66" and a few others.

Well now, I add to this list, my recently modeled buildings. They are not yet "live" in Google Earth. The acceptance process takes 2 weeks. But, you can preview them by visiting my 3D warehouse profile.
I hope my community appreciates these models (and associated BUSINESS LISTINGS!) as a good gift.

New Northeast MPLS Google Earth Additions:

The Anchor Fish & Chips
"Spinario" Design Gallery
Erte Restaurant and Peacock Lounge
Movable Type Building
Frank Stone Gallery
Emily's Lebanese Deli
Friendly Manor Apartments
Children's Dental Services Headquarters

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