Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Minneapolis West Broadway! Coming soon to Google Earth!

After focusing on Broadway Ave, east of the Mississippi, I've noticed some new imagery has become available for West Broadway! So I'm now able to create 3d Models for buildings and shops along the North sides "main street".
 I'd previously had models for the old IRVS Bar, and the large blue building next to the lot where White Castle was demolished and the YMCA development is planned...
 As I model these buildings, I'm doing light research on them to determine accurate content. To this end, I'll probably do a few posts in the future, focusing on individual locations. Some have videos, websites, news clips and all kinds of content, that will not fit in a simple description box. So, without further explanation,

EMERGE w/ Bean Scene Coffee Shop

Friedmans Shoe Store                                  notice Farview Park Hill in the background..

Gods Prayer Center

I've found kids can be taught these geo-graphical arts, and they actually love learning to. It's allot of fun. So if anyone wants a quick class in it, I'm available..

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