Friday, November 25, 2011

Minneapolis. A Creative Technology Mecca

I've been advocating for a Minneapolis Google Office since 2003, but Google can go ahead and be late to the party, if they come at all. Minneapolis technology entrepreneurship is on the rise without them. And, with our profoundly creative, tech savvy artist culture, we are about to sky rocket into a future of quality innovations. Do not forget that Minneapolis has been a model of innovation in the world, having invented the lions share of this worlds products, ideas, and methods. To much to go into in a short blog post, but look it up. We rule root.

***Give me a few months and I'll give you a 3D virtual SKYRIM quality Minneapolis Skyway, with instantly deliverable goods and services. Just run your avatar into Caribou Coffee, order up, and a REAL barista will be up to your office in 10 minutes. Like wise for Target, Office Depo, or any other store in the system.

UPDATE 11-30-11
Well what do you know? Does Eric Schmidt read my blog? I doubt it, but he decided to drop into the grain exchange and meet with the Mayor of Minneapolis today!

BizJournal was so mesmerized, they spelled Google wrong in the URL!

***Mother F'er! SOMEONE picked up on my idea pretty damn fast! I wish I could strike some gold one of these days rather then just being the homeless guy who endless generates billion dollar ideas.
In another foray into commerce, Google is working on a delivery service that would let people order items from local stores on the Web and receive them at their homes or offices within a day.

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