Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Google for Entrepreneurs, Minneapolis Partnership with CoCo / Project Skyway!

Google for Entrepreneurs has discovered Minneapolis! They recently announced a partnership with CoCo / Project Skyway technology incubator in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange building.
When the Grain Exchange floor ceased trading, it was converted to a public space for tech company incubation and acceleration. Innovative start-ups can find peers, collaborators and angels there in.
Now we have a powerful and welcomed new partner! Google For Entrepreneurs is going to hang around for two years and be a part of the Minneapolis Magic.
I'll let the videos and press coverage posted below do the talking. But hey, now that Oculas Rift is shipping, and Google is here, listening, maybe it's time for me to start up the New Technology Entertainment Company envisioned here, hmmm? :)
P.S. I heard a rumor that Google is making Minnesota the first "FIBER STATE"! As in, not just one city, but Fiber Optic Internet statewide.. Probably taking advantage of Fiber Optic infrastructure that was installed along with the Central Corridor light rail from Minneapolis to Saint Paul. Exciting times! Stay tuned.

 Here is where the space is located:
 And here's what's happening there:

Google+ Hangout on Air with Mayor RT Ryback:

  Press Coverage of the event

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