Saturday, May 23, 2015

Google Earth UPDATES Minneapolis/Saint Paul area!

If you've opened Google Earth in the last week, you'll have noticed the long awaited triangle mesh update has finally hit the Minneapolis / Saint Paul area.
A few of us 3D model makers whom liked to publish on the old platform, have had plenty of time to lament the end of our contributions. No longer is the 3D imagery created by humans, but rather generated from high resolution photogrametry. I'm glad to report the new method was worth the wait. You can now see every building, bridge, tree and even cars in the 3D mesh.

The updated region is huge. Bordered by highway 494 in the south. France Avenue in the South West. Up through Wirth Parkway into Robinsdale and Brooklyn Center in the West/Northwest. Along the northern extent of the update, the cities of Fridley, New Brighton, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Vadneis Heights. The east side of the update region includes Little Canada, half of Lake Phalen, Downtown Saint Paul to the edge of the Saint Paul Airport, then roughly down the Lafayette Freeway back to 494.

I'll post more fun gems of the new imagery soon. But, for now, go explore for yourself! :)

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